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Charlie Rubin

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

SQL Server 2008

SQL Server 2008 - My Specialty

Hi! I’m Charlie Rubin, and I’m a very experienced SQL Server Developer. I studied database systems at MIT, and I have been designing, building & optimizing SQL Server applications since 1995. If your company needs a Microsoft SQL Server developer, look no further.

I have done SQL Server development for many clients, including:

  • Goldman Sachs
  • IBM
  • Intel
  • New York Philharmonic
  • State of New York
  • Zagat Survey

and dozens of others over the years.

Sometimes I do short consulting jobs, and sometimes I will stick with a company for many years. Most recently, I spent 6 years as the Senior Database Architect at White Mountains Re, a $7 billion global reinsurance firm (that was a full-time Officer level position). I built tools based on MS SQL Server to manage and optimize their global reinsurance portfolio.

But, they moved much of their operations to Sweden last year. This year I have been working on a number of in-house projects (see below), but now I have some breathing room, and I am ready to take on your project next. However, I don’t expect to be available for long, so if you need my services, you should contact me soon. If you’d like me to send a full resume, or just want to discuss your needs, please go ahead and

  • or just call me at (845) 758-8587 (US)

So, where are you located?

I currently live in the Hudson Valley, about 100 miles north of New York City. I also have a place in Yonkers where I stay when I need to work in the city.

Are you married or single?

I live with my beautiful wife Anne, who recently ran for a seat on the New York State Assembly (but unfortunately lost to a favored incumbent), our daughter Samala, who is 9, and our son RJ, who is 6.

When did you attend MIT?

I began studying at MIT when I was 16, and graduated with a bachelors degree from the Sloan School of Management (a part of MIT) in 1987. My focus was on Management Information Systems (databases).

Have you always done database work?

No, at first I did a lot of C/Unix development. I created a commercial product for Interactive Voice Response that I sold for several years; then I became a SQL Server consultant on Wall Street (actually I started as a Sybase DBA, then switched over).

What is the focus of your work?

Designing high-performance database systems for dealing with massive amounts of data. Performance tuning SQL Server so you can get the data you need in a fraction of a second.

Are you also a DBA (Database Administrator)?

I can perform DBA tasks, but my main focus is architecting systems from the ground up, or solving problems with existing systems. I am particularly adept at writing complex stored procedures using Transact SQL (TSQL).

I want to develop a database-driven website with a SQL Server backend. Can you do that also?

Absolutely. I recently created a site where homeowners can compare their property tax assessment to all of their neighbors with similar houses. It currently covers over 2 million homes in New York State. Check it out at I have several colleagues with complementary skills who help me with larger projects. Specifically:

  • Dave, a top ASP.Net guru (he was the top UI developer at my last firm)
  • Adam, an expert on data warehousing (he develops training courses in business intelligence)

and others who we can pull in as needed.

Great! We should talk about my project. How do I get in touch with you again?

  • or just call me at (845) 758-8587 (US)

Thanks for visiting! I look forward to working together!

— —  Charlie

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